OK, so usually I am the kind of girl who starts counting down for their birthday the day after it ends. And even though most birthdays, at least for me, always suck because they never live up to the expectations I associate with them, I still am excited year after year. Obviously presents are always something to look forward too, and boy do I love presents, but above all, my birthday always falls around Thanksgiving, which for me means family.
We host a big dinner at my house every year, mostly to celebrate my birthday, but also to bring all of my family together. It’s the best time of year because I have a huge family, so when we all come together it’s so special and a lot of fun. Mama and my family from Florida usually come, and we’re all united under one roof to reflect on what we are grateful for and to eat amazing food.

I’m lucky because my birthday is always during a holiday so I’m never at school. It wouldn’t be a bad thing having to celebrate my birthday in Buffalo, but it sure would be sad not getting to see my family and go out to dinner and do all of the birthday things you look forward to doing. Also, all of my friends from high school are home at this time so we get to have a mini reunion and also celebrate mine and my best friend (and roommate’s) birthday, she’s two days earlier than me. So, long story short, I love my birthday.
This year however, I’m not all that thrilled. Yes, I can’t wait to see everyone, but there are so many things not to look forward to. First, Mama isn’t coming. I’m seeing her in Oct. and my family and I are going to Florida for Christmas, so it didn’t make sense for her to make the trip, especially since I’m only home for like four days. Second, my birthday is on Sunday, which is the day before we head back to school, which is the day everyone leaves to go back to school, which means I’ll have no one but my family to celebrate with (including my boyfriend and best friend). I refuse to head back up to school on my birthday so I will be making the trip next day because I don’t have classes until later in the evening. Third, I’m turning 20, which just sucks on its own.
For most people this is not a big deal because 21 is really the one they’re most looking forward to.
Well, not me. Truth be told, I think turning 21 is so overrated. 20 is when things become serious, it’s a huge deal because I will never be a teenager ever again.
Many people might associate turning 18 with becoming an adult, but I don’t agree. For me, 20 is a huge slap of reality because not only are you almost all grown up, almost done with college, but also will soon have to figure out the next phase of your life. I don’t know if I’m ready for all of that yet. I’m even debating whether or not rushing into Grad. school right after I graduate is a good idea. It’s beyond depressing, especially having no choice in the matter. Change may sometimes be a good thing, but this kind of transition is going to take a lot of getting used to.
Digesting your teenage years and bidding them farewell is weird, foreign, and a difficult to swallow concept. I’ll be forced to do it, as most are, but it isn’t something I welcome along happily. You can’t go back to those years ever again, you can only move forward. They become nothing but a distant memory as you become a responsible human being (well hopefully).

Countdown: 6 days!

Am I right? You guys are probably older than me, how did you feel about turning 20? Was it just another birthday, or were you just as freaked out as I am?