Choosing a person to interview was obviously an easy decision. I wanted to speak with Mama because she is the central theme of my blog and I thought it would be nice that she could play a more involved part of it. I wanted to introduce Mama more formally to the readers of my blog so that they could hear her voice and listen to her speaking in Spanish. I feel this is helping in understand what our conversations sound like.
In choosing which clip to play wasn’t as easy of a task however. Mama and I spoke about a series of things. We discussed her life growing up in the Dominican Republic. About what it was like having so many siblings and also experiencing the death of many of them at such young ages. We talked again about her journey to America, the ex-boyfriend that refused to marry her, which in turn led to her meeting her real soul-mate, my papa. We brushed briefly on what they thought of one another upon their first meeting and then how their lives took on from there.
I chose to use the segment of Mama talking about her siblings. She is one of 19 and that is a story in and of it self. Only five are alive today. Growing up in DR wasn’t necessarily the safest and best place to live, and as a result Mama and her family suffered many hardships and personal tragedies. In this clip she talks about how two of her brothers died on the same day, a 16 year old and a 6 month old. She goes on to discuss how good God is that her parents were able to survive it. She talks about the remainder of her siblings, and how well they all got along. Also, she explains how hard life was, the work was a lot, but still, she was happy and lived a happy life. She talks about the other siblings of hers that had also died young and the ones still alive today. She concludes by summing up the rest of her adult life. Married at 23, has three children and 10 beautiful grandchildren.