I’ve mentioned before that whenever Mama and I visit each other we always sleep together. No matter what. And as I lie in bed typing this post, she is sleeping next to me snoring away. It seriously amazes me how fast she can fall asleep. I recently read that it takes the ‘average person’ about seven minutes to fall asleep from the time their head hits the pillow. I am definitely below average and Mama is definitely above. Last night I thought she was talking to herself because her snores were in a sort of rhythmic pattern that sounded like speech. I wondered if she was experiencing another visit from Papa. Earlier today she received news that her brother who lives in Dominican Republic had been burglarized. His house was broken into and he was badly injured in the process. She began to tear up and become very emotional retelling the story to my Aunt and I just felt so bad. Strangely, it made me love her more because it was so obvious how much she loves her brother and made me realize how close she is with her siblings. It’s so admirable and inspirational. I hope one day my brother and sister and I can share a similar relationship. Mama doesn’t cry often, truly, which made it that much more shocking when she did this afternoon. It made me think of the last time she got emotional like that and it was unfortunately because of me. It was a few weeks ago and I had just begun the process of redoing my room (for the hundred billionth time) and I needed to unpack my entire college apartment into my room. Not easy. Add to it all of Mama’s stuff and me being a crazy organizing neat freak with everything have to be in a certain spot and out of the way, right away. She got offended because I moved clothing of hers from a drawer of my dresser into a shelf in my closet. She took it as if she, and her things, were no longer welcomed. She became very dramatic, which I’m starting to realize she is a bit of a drama queen, and took her suitcases, (which aren’t easy to lug around) into the basement. This upset me because I found no need for it and thought it was an extreme over reaction. I told her she was being stupid, which was the worst thing I could do. She thought I was calling her stupid, when really I was referring to her actions, which she thinks are the same thing. She was tearing up, explaining how she changed all of her flights and calendar to come to my graduation and spend some time with me. I felt bad, but I still feel she was in the wrong and jumped too quickly to wrongful conclusions. Anyways, she soon got over it and everything was fine again. I realize there is absolutely no point in sharing that story but for the sake of writing what’s coming to mind. This post is just a jumble of thoughts but at least it’s something rather than nothing!